Road traffic
Traffic lights

Traffic lights

Traffic lights are produced from integral formed ABS, forming flat monolithic case of grey or black colour that protects from the dust and moisture. The obverse part of a traffic light is produced from polycarbonate without application of the dispersive lenses. A bearing element is the aluminium frame. Application of the aluminium frame, polycarbonate and ABS increases durability of the device, simultaneously reducing the total weight of a traffic light which does not exceed 5-7 kgs, allowing to set it not only on racks, but also on portable bars and extensions.

Traffic lights are produced in various modifications:
- With the aperture 200mm (an index 1)
- With the aperture 300mm (an index 2)
- Modified flat (index M)
- Informative (index I)
- Adaptive to level of external illumination (index )
- Equipped with the screen from channel polycarbonate (index S)

- Completed with blinds (index B)
- Different feeding pressure

Additional sections of traffic lights have various modifications.



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