Electronic queue

Electronic queue

Our company has an experience of working out of control system of queue (CSQ), in other words - "electronic queue".


CSQ is the hardware-software complex intended for queues control of visitors in banks, departments of registration of vehicles, in polyclinics and in other organizations where the service operations of visitors are made in several windows.


CSQ includes:


  • One or several terminals with the touch screen, where the visitors are registered in the necessary turn. The coupon with instructions of type of queue, its number and registration time is printed for the registration. Devices of manufacture of the third parties are used as terminals.

  • The light-emitting diode boards that are placed over each window of service. The board includes 4... 5 signs and also is used for display of number of the next visitor. A board of own production.
  • One or several general boards that are executed on LCD-TVs or computer monitors. They are used for display of a stack of all queues. The served visitors, already invited visitors and the last of the late are allocated by color. Each general board is controlled by the separate computer. The call of the visitor is accompanied by a gong, showing of the big window with the invitation and a voice message.

  • Terminals operators (panels) where the attendants invite visitors to a window. The part of terminals of operators is realized on standard PC, another part - on specialized devices of own production. The last devices represent the small block having the LCD-screen for display of the small text, some buttons and connected to the computer through RS-485. Specialized panels are controlled by the server which was developed by our company which also can be placed on one of computers of operators.

  • Server CSQ - the program that makes the general administration of components. It carries out also gathering, storage, processing and granting of the statistical information.

  • The pictures above are taken from realization CSQ for department of motor transport registration in Minsk.



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