Road traffic
Automated control systems

Automated control systems

The automated information control system of city traffic (AICSCT) is intended for the maintenance of effective controlling process of the movement of transport streams in a city by means of the light alarm system.


Structurally AICSCT consists of three basic elements:


  • Traffic Control Center,
  • Connection channels, including specialized controllers of zonal operation,
  • The peripheral equipment.


Functions are assigned to the Traffic Control Center (TCC) on the coordination of operating influences, analytical and control. Connection channels provide a transfer of information between the centre and periphery, simultaneously carrying out the systemís structurization. The periphery provides gathering of the information and realization of operating influences.

Road controllers of various types and traffic lights objects are the basic peripheral equipment of AICSCT. Connection of controllers to the Traffic Control Center can be made by means of a wireless communication (GSM, GPRS, CDMA), wire communication (Ethernet, xDSL) or the combined way, organizing the wire sites connected with Traffic Control Center on the wireless network line.


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