Road traffic
Road controllers

Road controllers

The controller programmed "Dumka-Ñ" is intended for controlling of traffic lights objects (lamp and light-emitting diode), symbols of multiway traffic signs in the automated control systems of traffic (Acst) in cities and settlements.

 Controllers are set at operated crossroads in immediate proximity from traffic lights objects and provide controlling of these objects at local and network levels.

 Structurally controllers are produced in the hermetic thermo compensated bodies equipped or not equipped with system of the microclimate, providing continuous all-the-year-round operation on open space.

The controller is developed by the modular principle providing its repair directly on a place of operation, by replacement of faulty replaceable modules to serviceable that allows to reduce repair time to a minimum. The controller structure includes following modules:

  • The power module;
  • The microprocessor’s module;
  • The module of control of lamps;
  • The module of the detector of transport;
  • The panel of the engineer;
  • The module of the zone centre;
  • Portable control panel;
  • Connection modules (GSM, TCP-IP);
  • Software "Dumka".


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